Five Card Story: A Traveler Who Wasn't What He Seemed

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I was canoeing down the Ganges when I got really thirsty. So I stopped for a drink. Luckily, I was able to find a town, and there were a couple of Americans there who had a case of Cokes they'd brought from the US. Not sure why, since you can buy Coke in India, but they offered me a soda and a straw hat. I took both gratefully, and decided to go for a walk. While wandering down a road outside of town, I ran into a man who looked tired and dusty, so I offered him my Coke. He took it thankfully and said that for my kindness, he would like to give me something in return. He led me back into town and took me to his house, which instead of the poor shack I expected, was a mansion with red doors. Turns out he was the mayor and was very rich. He offered me lodging for as long as I liked, so I stayed two weeks and spent many happy hours wandering through his gardens bedecked with Greek columns.

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flickr photo credits: (1) b4ssm4st3r (2) snakepliskens (3) paulhami (4) ravnclaw89 (5) ravnclaw89

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