Five Card Story: i caused it

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a ds106 story by Tempest (Erin) created Feb 09 2011, 02:43:12 am. Create a new one!

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i did this. i am a monster. no better than the things i set loose

oh god, oh god, they're in the stairwell. i can hear their nails scrabbling against the concrete and wood. it sounds like death.

di water. electrical current, something of alchemy, something of chemistry. we weren't exactly sure what we were doing, but it was important. more important than any of us. not carol, who had discovered the cure for cancer, not damien, who had gone to the middle east and helped people. they were good, [procreating] good people.

i am going to vomit. there's no hell horrible enough for a [procreator] like me.

we had safety measures. we had containment units within containment units. and those were surrounded by yet more barriers and blockades. we had nothing but the best in mind. alarms seemed unnecessary. the military was only marginally interested. they were the contingency plan. none of this was supposed to happen.

the spooks warned us to leave off, of course. they have a [procreating] sixth sense about these things. we continued on. it was going to be our holy grail, our masterpiece. magnum opus.

i wasn't there when the thing happened. i was busy watching the latest crichton movie. i was going to ask this chick on a second date (that's what i told myself).

it never happened. the high alarm sounded and i hightailed it out of there. i knew what it meant, even if i didn't actively admit it to myself or anyone else. i left them behind and holed myself up in the tallest building i could find.

from there, i saw everything. the mass murder when it started, the exodus of survivors to the docks, which was only more murder when they found that they were out there too, in torpor. waiting. waiting. oh, god. they're waiting for me too. i'm running out of food.

i have a camera. ihave a [procreating] camera with high zoom. i can see the deaths of others from afar, but this new perspective is not a comfort.

they're coming. all i can think of is that i should have asked that chick on a second date. even if the world ended in the next minute, at least i would have had that hope. am i the last one left? alive, i mean?

they're through the door

they are coming they are coming

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flickr photo credits: (1) les.epinards (2) paulhami (3) ravnclaw89 (4) ravnclaw89 (5) Intrepid Flame

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