Five Card Story: "Mission Accomplished"

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a ds106 story by Tenisha Minor created Feb 09 2011, 03:15:18 pm. Create a new one!

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So there was this girl named Oma. Oma and her family lived out in "no man's land" where they struggled to find food and water. Oma had to find a way to get over this rocky hill in order to get to the village so that she could find her family some food.She came along a bike, but the bike was a pain trying to ride over all the rocks and she didn't have enough energy to pedal up over the hill. Suddenly, Oma heard the roaring of an engine. She realized that there was a big truck attempting to drive over the rocky hill. Oma hopped on the back of the truck univited and caught a ride to the path that would lead to the village. She traveled on the back of the truck for about an hour and finally she had reached the village. Oma snuck into one of the empty houses and found the pantry. She opened the double doors of the pantry and began to eat everything there. Oma said to herself while eating a mouthful of Cambell's soup, "Mission Accomplished!"

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flickr photo credits: (1) paulhami (2) paulhami (3) paulhami (4) paulhami (5) JennaK4K

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