Five Card Story: The Motorcycle of Love

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Hamel was riding home on the train to see his lover, Maiko, whom he hadn't seen in nearly six months. He was going to spend the Valentine's Day weekend with her. As he rode along he watched the transformation from urban sprawl to lush green countryside. After a nearly 10 hour journey in a crowded, smelly train carriage he finally arrived in Chosoo. He expected to see Maiko waiting for him at the train station but she wasn't there to greet him. He hurried home where his family was anxiously waiting to see him. He asked them repeatedly where Maiko was but they diverted the conversation to different topics. Finally, his brother told him that Maiko had moved away. Shocked, Hamel couldn't believe that Maiko would have left him for the red motorcycle riding lover.

Valentine's Day - Happy for some, not for others...

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