Five Card Story: Lost

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I'd had no idea that I was lost. One second, I was sleeping in my room with the fire-breathing lion wallpaper, and now I'm alone. Lost. It all started when I was sitting on my porch, picking dandelions and other weeds. Then something caught my eye. A four leaf clover. I picked up this lucky charm and turned it around over and over in my hand. It was ice cold. Suddenly I heard barking. It got louder, and louder, and louder. A big black dog shot past me, barking it's head off. I don't know why, but something about that dog was familiar. The wagging tail? The floppy ears? Or was it the eyes filled with fear? Or that collar which said, 'Clove'? Something about that dog said, 'My Dog.' Clove had ran away, years ago. This dog was slightly bigger, more mature. I found myself following the dog. I followed her through a forest, but I collapsed from dehydration. Where was I? I felt exhausted. Before I passed out, I could hear heavy panting behind me.

Someone was shaking me awake. ''Hey, wake up. Squeeze my hand if you can hear me.'' I tried squeezing it as hard as I could, but all I could manage was a weak twitch. I opened my eyes. When I moved around, I realized I was on a soft bed, but this wasn't my home. A woman in a police uniform was sitting on the bed beside me. “You were just found in a forest, completely passed out.” I sat up.
“I need to go home.” I was about to get up, but she stopped me.
“Before you go, take some food with you.” She gestured to a pile of cookies. I hastily grabbed some and stuffed one in my mouth. Sugary goodness filled my mouth, but it dried up all the moisture in my mouth. Another man in the same uniform walked beside me until I was safely in my house.
“Now don't go wandering off again, Ma'am!” He said, winking.
I walked into my fire-breathing lion room, ready for a nap. I was about to close the curtains, when I saw a small black wagging tail disappear in the forest.

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