Five Card Story: Drowing

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The water was cold, she could feel the waves pushing her body forward like paper on the wind.
She didn't care. She didn't care at all. life was perfectly complicated enough without worrying about being too far from the land.
She heard the screams of her parents, telling her to stop playing and came back to the beach.She mumbled mentally against the saltered water, finally moving her body against the power of the ocean.
Her father tried to help her on climbing the rock where they were waiting for her, but she did not want any help.
"I'm fine" she said, shooving his hand away and clumsy climbing on the big rock, hurting a knee on the way.

She looked up to the big forest that rounded the beach,boredom all over her face while she contemplained the big trees and the rocks covered on moss.
Everything looked so green on that beach, she tought while putting on a red hooker and moving herself away from the sea.

"What, don't you want to swin anymore?" asked her father, with genuine curiosty.
"Fuck off" she wanted to say, but instead she just mumbled Something about being hungry.
Sometimes she just hated all those happines of her parents, all those songs and all those money, nothing to worry about.
It was just sick.
They would say she's a nutcase rebel with no real cause. She would say they're just A-class inconsequential parents with no responsibilities on life.

Oh, she probally would just say "fuck off",but that was another story.

"May I go home?" she asked quietly, wanting her computer, her guitar and her dreams.
"Yes" said her father, careless pointing to the road.

Oh, fine. they tough she was talking about the beach house.
of course.

That dawm beach house, with that rusty smell and that idiotic old balcony.That house smelled like fish, dust and sweat, all together in a disgusting combination that her parents find " nostalgic".
She hated it.
She hated it so much it was almost painfully.

But still, she walked throught the plain road that connected the beach and their house.

Such a small city, she tought, it wasn't even city. More like a village or something, with those near 1500 habitants and a single shop.
A. Single. Shop.

She sighted, hands on her pockets while walking to the "hut".
Stupid parents, stupid house,stupid life; she mumbled, the old door opening with a "craaw".

Thinking better, all her life wasa big lie.
She lied to her parents, pretending to be the sweet, compassive daughter they've always wanted her to be.Ignoring their desparate tries to make her happier, as if they knew she were not.

She lied to her friends, pretending to be a teenager just like then, babbling about shopping and boys, when in real she haven't ever saw a point in those silly topics.

She lied to herself,pretending it was okay.

A depression, she probably though, that was her problem.
She had already read about this somewhere, it was common problem on teenagers.

She was probally going to kill her self, one day or another.

However, she was weak, and decided to forget those dark subjects and search for a towel so she could bath.

And forget.

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flickr photo credits: (1) Serenae (2) bionicteaching (3) Mitt Nathwani (4) bionicteaching (5) Serenae

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