Five Card Story: Weddings and Parks

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We just have a few true friends in our lifes, if we want to be with them forever, we have to do it right. This is the story of friends with differents personalities that managed to stay together through the years.
Ther first of them was Peter, he used to be a great piano player, also a womanizer , he played on weddings and always dated for two or three weeks one of the bridemaids (it had that time when he dated to twins on the same time, the thing had got pretty ugly). Even with this fame, he has a good heart, and really loved his friends, but Martha was his best friend.
The second friend was Martha, she always loved to play with wood, her best friend was Peter, she always went to the weddings with him, she didn't like the way he treated the girls, but he always said "it's part of the macho world! get over it!"
Martha and Peter loved to hang out to the funnier places ever, Martha's favorite place was the Wonderland Park, which had this GIANT Fairy's Wheel that they came every weekend that they didn't have a wedding.
On July of that year, they had awesome news, it will have a wedding no the Wonderland Park! Martha was so happy that she could scream all day, Peter stayed there, laughing. then she asked the cerimony staff
"what are we supposed to wear?"
"This wedding is something we have never seen before, it will be a gala event, long dress and tuxedo, a fancy buffet, famous band and, of course, Peter on piano, but will be all done on the park."
In the weekend of the wedding, Peter and Martha were rather excited about it, well, Martha was rather excited.
"Can you believe it? It will awesome..."
Peter was pleased with himself to make Martha so happy, and he was making a surprise to her that day.
The party was amazing, everything went perfectly, the bride and the groom were more than funny, they were very cool people and made a favour to Peter that he asked to them, was something to deal with Martha.
Late night, only him and Martha were on the park
"Hey Peter, what's up with you? You've been strange all day..."
"What's your favorite place here?"
"Do you KNOW it's the Fairy's Wheel..."
"so let's go there!"
When they entered there, they were in the highest place of the Fairy's Wheel when they stopped, Peter looked at Martha and said:
"Martha, you've been my best friend since i can remember i can't imagine live without you by my side, on the weddings with me, i hope one day we won't be the piano player and the best friend, but the bride and the groom, Martha, do you want to marry me?"
Martha was speechless, all she could think was how cute and romantic Peter was, so they kissed in the top of the Fairy's Wheel.
Ten months lates they were getting married on the beach, was a place that both of them felt happy and relieved, it was a big party with all of their friends, Peter's band, it was a beautiful.
"i love you"
"i love you too, and now i have something to you!"
Peter gave her a dinosaur that she gave him when they were five.
"This is the first gift you gave me, now you gave me the best, to spend the rest of your life with me"


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