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As a child, and even now, my favorite holiday is Christmas. I loved the excitement and the joy of Christmas morning. I would always try to go to sleep earlier the night before, so that I could wake up sooner the next morning, and quickly tear apart the wrapping paper on all the presents.
I enjoyed doing sports and hanging out with friends, but another one of my hobbies was to read. At home, when I had free time, I would always have a book in my hands. It was a time to relax and just forget about everything; the pressure of school, and other extra-curricular activities. Other than reading and sports, one of my favorite things to do was to eat. I ate like a horse, no joke! I loved almost everything sweet, and basically everything else, excluding fish. Everyday after school,I would have a massive 'snack' and then whenever I got the slightest bit hungry, I would go hunt down some food.
As new techology came around, I was always attached to my phone, constantly checking for updates, etc. While I did my homework, I would always be checking my messages, and being distracted. This would force me to have to stay up way later, and then I would be so tired in the morning. So now, I have to stop procrastinanting. I have to stop dreaming about going on an amazing Carribean vacation, and relaxing in paradise.

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