Five Card Story: keep your friends close and your enimies closer

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There was 2 girls who were best friends and this is where there journey began .....
Growing up for Linaleah . She just moved from her home town Washington. Threw the years Linaleah has been to 13 different schools in just four years ! How bizarre is that ? Linaleah and her family just moved to New York , they began to explore the city . There first impression was that it was very bright and had a nice view . Linaleah’s parents had gone to New York the weekend before to sit down with the owners of the house they planned to buy . By the end of that day they had agreed that they would purchase the house for their family , and it was that day the Linaleah was told they where moving to New York. She didn’t react like her parents thought she would she was quite upset actually because she had just began extra curricular programs at her school . But she took from all of her experiences of moving so many times that she would eventually get use to the new school and city , but mostly she looked forward to the shopping and figuring out what she would like to accomplish. And that’s when the next day she went to school and met Raycelle . They began being best friends right away they had so much in common . There was so much to tell about there ifes because they were 2 girls with totally different lives so true the grade eight year that’s where it all began. They did everything together. Went to the beach, did sports , art, and much more . They went to Paris for a week together and tried things they have never had before. They experience was great and taught them very much, and it was that summer the drama began! It went from calling names to making the others hair green and boy did it get nasty ! It got to the point where they hated each other so much they got exspelled and went to private schools . But as the story continued in the end they became friends over some tea and crackers

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flickr photo credits: (1) Serenae (2) bionicteaching (3) bionicteaching (4) Serenae (5) Serenae

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