Five Card Story: Alcatraz, the place where dreams get locked off!

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As the glorious and powerful Sun, tears down the curtains of nightfall, with its legendary spear, a new day begins. The sounds the cries, the shrieks of the infected souls.
From deadly gang members to Murdering Trolls.
They are the wolves in our world and we are the sheep, the cops are dogs that sometimes fall a sleep.
Yet they are as brave as lions and as sharp as eagles.
As the taser dances on the body of the criminal,
He gets shoved into where Al Capone used to stay, in a box where dreams dissolve in themselves and disappear. Yet its is demon's-paradise, for they enjoy being there, those who want out, are there to stay, as they wake up in their cell, to make a new day. They will be prisoners for millions of years and their dreams will stay for another hundred. As their tears stain the dull floor they wipe away their shattered dreams and all signs of love from their empty hearts, Love is a sign of weakness where they are in,
it will gain them nothing but a cut, right under the chin! There is no escape no matter how much you try, you are there to stay or run and get shot. The cops just ask you once, " Drop the weapon and get on the ground," The choice is yours, what you choose to do. On a bright summer's day, in Alcatraz jail, you realize that you are here to stay!

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