Five Card Story: the aventure of the ticket

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There once lived a bigworing man who never let anyone get in there way.also a lady who was a cleaner at a old school,they had a home they lived in but they stuggled for a everyday life,they didnt have much money to spare.they always brought a lotto ticket but never won much every so offen maybe $50 dollars if they wer're lucky ofcorse...........
they got a phone call for there local lotto dairy,they wer're thinking have we brought to much money? or what ?! have we won money but then they heard the lady say 'you have won' ofcorse the lady who worked at old dirty unloved clean school.she thought to her self time to qiute work because she has won lotto $4.2 billion dollars.she knew one day she was in for a big win.the old hard worker husband came home she told him,he was happy very happy they have nevr been as much happy as they have been before....they hd to go to a church to collect there big win.they never knew why just maybe some wired reason maybe because they lived in a craxy wired town named alfredo..a bit usual but how they got to this bright green building..theere bags were already packed in there old dumpeter car with bashes in the side and crumbled off pain and green patten all over it.after signing all these papers.they caught a plane to shanghai china..they got there stayed for a few nights just chilling,they have been shopping,but they were looking at the king of china's chasle..even better the old man who was always working got offered a job being the mayor whoooohh hoooo..he took it..they the old lady died he stuggled but got back upo on his feet and lived rich and happy for ever after..

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flickr photo credits: (1) shareski (2) Serenae (3) Serenae (4) Serenae (5) bionicteaching

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