Five Card Story: My trip to India

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This is the story of my journey through being kidnapped by wild apes. It was a sunny day, I woke up from my 12 hour sleep and stepped outside to my porche so I could here the waves crash up against the sandy shores. The taste of orange juice crowded my mouth as I watched upon the children playing at the pool. It was only my third day of my 20 day vacation in India. I could here my smaller sister laugh at my fathers dumb jokes in the background. I started to hear the faint sound of my stomach groan from the sound of crackling bacon and the scent of papaya. It seemed like a regular vacation morning. I yelled at my mom " I'm gonna go for a walk", " be safe and come back in 10, breakfast is almost ready" she replied with sweetness in her voice. I started to walk, I made the mistake of walking out of the resort and into the forest that suffocated the resort. I soon got lost and had no sense of time because my mother wanted us to be a closer family so she took away my phone. I didn't like the idea at first but now I really don't like it. I didn't know where I was and I had no idea how long I had been. I started to feel sweat progress out of my armpits and my stomach grow even hungrier. My adrenaline started to kick in slowly as my heart started to race as I felt worried and scared. I found myself struggling up the steep hill and I finally reached the top of the peak. I couldn't see the resort below, it must of been hidden by the trees. I heard something behind me in the bushes, I figured it was a small Indian bird, I was trying not to think of the worst it could be. I slowly turned around and saw a large ape being me. I screamed and the ape attacked. I remember seeing nothing but black and then opening my eyes slowly and seeing nothing but blurs, my eyes focused and I saw myself surrounded my apes, these apes weren't normal, you could tell by looking at them that they were special, they had facial expressions like humans and some of them wore clothes. The scenerie was a sunset and a bond fire. I was extremely confused, lost, scared. I thought I might have been drugged or was in a dream. I pinched myself till I bled. But no, this was real. The apes cleared the way as a larger more sifistacated ape walked toward me. It walked straight like a human and it started to open its mouth. He said something in Indian, now I was really scared. I started to feel goosebumps corrupt my body as all the sudden the blood seemed to leave the upper part of my body. I felt cold and pale. I though to myself. Did that monkey really just say something, to me? I couldn't understand what he was saying but by the tone of his voice I knew he wasn't angry or going to harm me. I tried to reply with something
like hello but nothing came out, I was speechless. 5 minutes went by as the monkeys just stood there and gazed at me. The monkeys then picked me up and start to carry me along a path. I wold of tried to escape out of there reach but I was motionless. My limbs and bones felt rotted or dead. I quickly fell a sleep and when I woke up I was at the cusp of the border of the trees like I had never entered the forest. The sun was almost set and I could see fields after fields, I turned to the left and there I saw police cars and ambulances beside my resort. All the sudden I gained feeling like my body some back alive as I ran toward them. I started to see my father holding my younger sister as she cried into my dads Indian themed vacation shirt. My mother stood beside a police car as she spoke to a police man. Before I reached them I found myself holding two photos. One of a desert that looked like it was from Arizona and another of two frogs beside a pond of some sort. It looked like it had been cut out of a national geographic novel. I thought to myself did I had these before I went on my walk? My mother noticed me and she started to leap toward me, my sister began to jump out of my fathers arms and jump into mine. We had a family hug and then I started to get interrogated by police men right then and there. I could barely understand them with there heavy Indian accents but I could make out most of the words. I told them my hole story and they began to ask my parents questions as there faces were corrupt with dis belief. I made the decision to never go on a walk by my self again.

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