Five Card Story: My Friend

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a Five Card Flickr story by Bluejay created May 13 2013, 09:59:37 pm. Create a new one!

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For the longest of time I remember only loneliness
Only able to be shoved and shamed by the unforgiving winds
Suffocated by the murderous hands of pollution
Still I stand
On the side of the dusty road
I had a friend
He was the light of my life
He kept me company
He was indeed a busy fellow
He could only visit me during spring
I would greet him with vibrant flowers
And we would talk until he needed to go
I would suffer when the tyrant, winter, returned
He would ravage my pride
freeze my arms
And would force my friend to stay away
But I would wait
Patently on the side of the dusty road
Like a boulder I refused to falter
Withstanding the pain till it was spring again
This time my friend did not show
I waited
And waited
Until winter’s fist stuck me again
Year after year I would wait
Enduring Hecate’s tempests
Like a lighthouse unfathomed by its power
And survived constant suffocation of the mucky air
But he never showed
Soon I realized
My time along the side of the dusty road was up
I gracefully shed my pride
And let go of the flowers I've been holding
A took another breath of the soupy air
And I whispered
I will wait for you
My friend

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