Five Card Story: My adventure

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Have you ever had dreams and you was not able to live them? Well i have.One day i was sitting on my couch just minding myself and decided to go out on an adventure. There was a cruise line that had one more room avialable just for me. I was so excited to go on my first cruise ever. To me this was a once in a life time chance,so i took the opportunity and ran with it.
Someone told me that the best spot to catch a sunset is on the front of the boat. Watching the sun leave because of the moon chasing it, is amazing. I just wish i had someone to enjoy it with. The next morning for breakfast i had some coffee,orange juice, mini donuts. The breakfast i have had in awhile well it was better than a bowl of dry ceral. Later in the day i decided to get an airbrush tattoo just to have.
Since it is my last night of the ship i wanted to go all out. I wanted to do everything that i was being held back to do.

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flickr photo credits: (1) krutscjo (2) cogdogblog (3) jjbirder (4) spacedlawyer (5) Serenae

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