Five Card Story: Grade 5 Kayaking

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When I was in fifth grade my class and I went on a field trip to go kayaking. It was a very fun activity that I thought was very exciting, but after we were done I was about to go on a great adventure with some of my closest friends. When we were done kayaking my teacher gave us permission to go explore around the forest with a small group. My group consisted of seven of my friends. When we went into the forest to explore we
stumbled upon a few spiders and banana slugs, The girls of my group ran away once they saw these creatures which led the boys bursting out laughing. When we reunited with the group of girls we went through a pathway near the beach that was filled with many barnacles attached to rocks and some collapsed trees, this pathway led to one of the most amazing sights that I was able to see up close, It was a mini waterfall. As we all approached the waterfall the guys and I climbed on top of the waterfall while the girls watched the fish that swam in the river which was in front of the waterfall. When we were done checking out the mini waterfall the girls decided to stay behind while the boys continued exploring. As we hiked up the hill of the mini waterfall we saw a way to get to a nice viewpoint of the forest, but the only way to get up there was to climb a collapsed tree covered in moss. Since it seemed pretty hard to climb and was at the right height at which you could fall and break an arm or leg some boys decided to not come along with me and two other guys. As we climbed the tree one of my friends almost fell but was able to get back up safely. Once we got up the view of the forest to me was as amazing as the waterfall that we stumbled upon earlier. When it was time to meet up with my teacher and go back to school, it started to rain heavily. As it rained my friends and I were having a lot of trouble getting back down until I decided to go down first by sliding. When we were walking down we noticed that the girls and the guys that didn't want to climb the tree were already gone and have already met up with the teacher. My friends and I took the same route we took to get to where we were at, But that was a big mistake since it made going through the barnacle covered obstacles more challenging, by going through this path I was left with a large gash in my hand by slipping and scraping my hand on the barnacles. When we arrived I got my wound cleaned and patched up but I was asked to go back to the forest because two of my classmates were missing, as I took a different route into the forest I luckily spotted them walking back to the teacher before I could go any further into the forest. This field trip will always be remembered as one of the most awesome and thrilling experiences of my life.

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