Five Card Story: A Place to a Tall Building

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This is a story about 6 statues and a girl. They went on a trip to a tall building. They went in the truck and one of the statues drove the truck. He drove to the tall building. Everybody went in the tall building. Everybody saw the sky and they saw an orange leaf. One of the statues got the leaf and she holds on to it. Everybody went in the tall building and they had lunch. Everybody had one spring roll each. They also had one scoop of rice each and they took one chicken each. They had one tomato each for lunch. They took one each of the tuna sandwiches. They all enjoyed eating lunch together. They also enjoy eating what foods they have in the restaurant. After they had lunch they crossed the bridge and they walked to the church. Everybody prayed at church and then they took first communion. They walked back to the tall building. They all walked to the Movie Theatre. They watched a Movie called "Friendship Day and Caring Day." They are excited to watch the Movie. Everybody saw the Radical Sheep Productions first then they saw another production before the Movie starts. The Friendship Day and Caring Day Movie started and this Movie is about two friends. The two friends are going to the concert. They took a seat and they heard a song called Outer Space first, second they heard the song called Everything That The We Love You, then they heard a song called Cause Everyting and then they heard a song called This is My Wish List. Both friends had fun listening to the songs in the concert. They are enjoying watching the Movie. After they went to the concert they went to Subway and buy one sandwich each. One of them had a deli meat and cheese sandwich and one of them had a tomato and onion sandwich. After they had their sandwiches they had one ice cream each. One of them got chocolate ice cream and one of them got a rainbow ice cream with a gummy berry on top. After they had ice cream they went home. The credits lasted 2 minutes. After the credits they had the Radical Sheep Production then they had another production after that one. Everybody had fun watching the Movie. They heard that the Movie had three characters in it. They are going to the Science World room. Everybody checked out the things in the room. They all took a seat when they see all of the different things. They are enjoying looking at the different things. The Movie also started and they did the animal show so everybody had fun watching the animal show. They had fun watching the Movie in the Science World room. After that they went passed the Movie Theatre and they walked passed the lunch room and they went back to the truck. The statue drove to the farm. They brought the paper leaf to the farmer and he enjoys the picture. The farmer saw the picture and he like it so he hanged up the picture in his room. They had fun visiting the farm. Everybody helped milk the cow. They were gathering the eggs and they brought it to the chicken. All three eggs hatched and then there were baby chicks. The farmer thanked everybody for helping him. Everybody said Yourwelcome back to the farmer. The cow and the chicken both feel happy because of the help that they did for the farmer. The statue drove back to the tall building. They all went up to the tall building. They had fun checking out the things that they had in the place.

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flickr photo credits: (1) jentropy (2) bgblogging (3) bionicteaching (4) Intrepid Flame (5) bionicteaching

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