Five Card Story: The Call That Went Wrong

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"Mr. Hanson," one of the students said, "When is Jimmy coming back?"
~2 hours earlier
Jimmy, a pony/horse/dog thing, was in the middle of class when the phone rang. The teacher said, "Jimmy, answer the phone." So Jimmy got up and answered the phone. On the other end was a weird, unfamiliar voice. The voice said, "Come to 310 Run-away Drive, and be fast." So Jimmy left without saying anything and ran to 310 as fast as he could. When Jimmy got to the address, there was a note. The note read: "When you get this, Jimmy, walk inside and go upstairs." So Jimmy went upstairs. When he got upstairs, there was a class that looked exactly like the one he had left this morning. That's when the phone rang again. Jimmy answered it and it was the same unfamiliar voice from earlier. Jimmy immediately hung up. He ran back to 310, the address from before, and there was the same exact note. Jimmy, once again, went inside and went upstairs. There was the same class, with the same phone, with the same voice on the other end. Jimmy just gave up. He vanished.
~the next day
The other kids completely forgot about Jimmy. He was gone forever. Later that week, Jimmy's old class went on a field trip to the local cemetery. There they saw it. It was Jimmy's grave. All the kids were so confused. Later that day, they went to the local funeral home. One kid, who had asked if Jimmy would be back the day he vanished, picked up a paper. It was all the information about how Jimmy died, including the date. Jimmy died the day the phone rang running to the address 310. He was struck by an oncoming truck. He did not die immediately, but Jimmy recalled having flash backs about how it happened. The kids were all shocked. They would've never knew if they wouldn't have taken that field trip.

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flickr photo credits: (1) bionicteaching (2) cogdogblog (3) bionicteaching (4) bionicteaching (5) bionicteaching

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