Five Card Story: The adventures of the tiny creatures

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Ronald McDonald was going for a walk one summer evening. The air was warm but there was a refreshing cool breeze. He came across a door that he had never seen before. He thought he had walked down this street dozens of times, so he was confused as to why he had never noticed it before. Little did Ronald know, this door was immensely old and powerful, imbued with an ancient magic. This was a travelling door. When Ronald opened it and stepped through the threshold, he found himself in a lush rainforest. He saw gigantic trees and flowers, with leaves the size of his car! He walked through this amazing tropical forest for a while, stopping to admire the flowers here and there. He suddenly realized that there were many tiny frog's, sitting on leaves and hopping about on rocks. They were so happy! Ronald also realized there were other Little tiny creatures, birds and horseshoe crabs and butterflies. Ronald realized he had to leave, so he retraced his steps and left the doorway, but was eager to return again someday!

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