Five Card Story: Tradgedy

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They were a happy faimly and they had evrything they wanted. A beautiful house , Loving parents, Two sweet daughters, and they all loved and adored each other. " I have a suprise " said Linda talking to her two daughters. Maggy and Lydia wiggled in thier seat. they loved suprises. " Tell us, Tell us" they said . we are gong to see gandma this weekend . Maggy and Lydia looked at each other . " Not grandma Linda" she breathed out . Grandma peaches from the city. " Yess " they said uickly. they had wiped the bummer looks off thier face bacause they knew they would g shooping. they thought there mom was going t take them to grandma linda house who live 6 blocks away and ditched them again. As they came onto the city the noticed the city was grey and cloudy. The city looked liked there was a blanket covering it. As they got thier grandma front door, which was the door they adored because it was beautiful blue. Linda had the key . she was going to use it so the visit would be a suprise but what laed behind the door was going to be a suprise to her. They found their grandma dead. The day seemed to have got gloomer. clouds began to form and the blanket acroos the city got thicker. With thier shoping money they had to bury their grand ma with satrday. so their weekend went like go see grandma, find her dead, sleep in the house granda was found dead in because they had no more money, bury her the next day, and visit the musem cause a college because it was a 'free' tour.

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