Five Card Story: Again and again

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a Five Card Flickr story by NZCEL Level 3 S2 NorthTec created Nov 03 2014, 10:27:24 pm. Create a new one!

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In the morning I read some books. I bought a lot of new books from the old library. I can't understand any of the English books. So I should look for the English words in my dictionary and I will try to read the book again. So then I can understand the books. Then I opened the next book and I found the book was very boring and I threw it in to the rubbish. Then I want to see another book, but decided to just leave. I think that is very cool so I took a selfie. A boy came with me to read a book. Then an ugly boy looked at me. I said "hello"to him and he said hello to me. I liked his, his yellow hair, so I took a picture because he was so handsome. He was called Mickey, unbelievable! He was too good to look at and now I am blind. I don't want to see Mickey, I will try my best to feel everything, but not Mickey. I wonder, why he is here. Suddenly I felt hungry and I wanted some bread with fruit jam, sadly, I cannot see anything so it is difficult to take the fruit jam out of the fridge. At dinner time, I ate some jam, I want to put some jam onto my bread, because it is delicious. So, I ate more and I was full. In five minutes I felt hungry again so I ate again, I found another jam called chinese chilli jam. It is very hot and I drank more water but I liked it, it was very delicious, I really loved it. After dinner my younger sister asked me to play a video game with her and after I played, I used th iPad to take some photos. m Then I used the iPad to do some study and listen to music. Then I used the iPad to communicate with my friends. My friends, asked me some questions about my life and study and then um, we played more games. We really enjoyed the games and then my sister asked me to draw a picture with her. My sister really enjoyed her butterfingers. I saw the BB chocolate. Children like this chocolate very much. I shared it with the children, and my sister. So they were happy, because the chocolate was very delicious and they wanted to eat some more. The children asked me where does the chocolate come from. It comes from New Zealand and the children really liked to end the story, so I shut down my laptop.

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flickr photo credits: (1) Intrepidteacher (2) dlefew (3) Rowan Peter (4) TheEdWebb (5) cgorbet

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