Five Card Story: Jake and his crazy adventure

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On the 7th of July thee was man named Jake who decided to walk down a nearby bridge. Once he got to the finish end he saw a crocodile. Jake screamed as loud as he could and ran and jumped into his car and drove as fast as he could.

Once Jake got back to the city he reached a red light. Since he was going so fast he couldn't stop and that’s when he got pulled over by a police. The police gave Jake 2 options either he had to pay 300 dollars or he was had to go to jail for 1 year. Since Jake and his family were not so rich he was not able to afford to pay 300 dollars so he went to jail.

Jakes family had no clue where Jake was so they called the police and they said that Jake was in jail. He was so busted when his family found out he was in jail. The rest of Jakes family decided to go back home and try to find the money to get Jake out of jail. Jake knew his family was not going to be happy with him. Jake’s life in jail sucked. For breakfast they gave him hard bread with nothing on it. For lunch they gave him half cooked rice with gravy. The gravy had disgusting half cooked chicken in it. For dinner they gave him a burger. The meat was totally fake. He continued to eat that.

After he eat that for 3 months he had enough of the food. He decided to tell the police the truth. Once the police found out the truth he decided to let him go. But he still had to pay 50 dollars. He was okay with that. Once he got home and told his family the truth his family hugged him. The problem was how he was going to tell his family that he had to pay 50 dollars.

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