Five Card Story: Over the Water to Grandmother's House

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Once a year, my family and I have the opportunity to visit our grandma for one summer weekend in The Hampton's. To get to Grams' house, we take a boat that is kept at the east end. Our boat ride takes about twenty minutes. Upon arriving to Grams' house, we have to pay the boat attendant and walk a forth of a mile up the near gravel road. Grams' house is historic in color and architecture. My mom grew up in The Hampton and recalls her summer vacations being the best she has ever had. Grams and my mom like to share those summer memories with me and my siblings. One of my favorite summer activity is picking and planting flowers in Grams' garden. Grams really has a way of creating magic. I also love our traditional bike rides. Grams may be older, but does not stray away from leading us downtown to Hampton. We bike to the local ice cream parlor and antique shops. Brother is not a fan of the shopping and typically rides around town while we spend our allowance!
Before our week is over, Grams likes to shower her grandchildren with gifts. This year, we had a surprise for her! Mom decided it would be a good idea to buy Grams a cell phone. Living so far away makes it hard to communicate as much as we'd like. Her new cell phone will allow her to FaceTime, text, and call us whenever she wants! I could not have been more excited to give this departing gift to Grams! She was pretty excited too!

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