Five Card Story: Boy

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Throughout my life I never been the adventures type. I like the safe the sure, don’t understand those who get a thrill off not knowing the unknown. Every morning same thing one day after the other. Its morning look at the clock its 7:45 am never seem to be 7:44 nor 7:46 just 7:45. Look around just in case if something has changed since I went to bed. No. For one thing I look out my windows there are the same two exact chairs as yesterday and the day before, the only difference between is their color. One in blue while the other yellow, but yet if combined together make green. Weird wright. However I turn around see the same little girl across the street but with a bunny? Poor bunny if he only knew she has had over 25 pets in her entire 5 years of life. Oh well. Nevertheless people would kill to have what I have, yeah I know what you’re thinking. How would like to be as miserable as this kid? You see my house is on Burlington hill were all the “rich folks” seem to live. I have a view of the whole city that if all the houses were ever to tip over for any reason I could watch them fall like domino's. Wish I could only have a normal life, with a normal house. You know those with just a red door and a white picket fence with a plain tradition sign. All in all I’m not adventures, don’t have hundreds of hundreds of stories to tell. I guess money doesn’t make you exiting but can only buy exiting things.

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