Five Card Story: Cell Lock

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The door was my only view for the last... what was it now? Day 3? Maybe 4?

Nothing to look at, but this strange door. Nothing to think about.

My memory is gone. I don't know who or where I am.

I should correct myself. I'm not alone completely. There Ferdinand the Spider in the corner. He has moved in a couple days. I'm begging to wonder if he's alive. I'm not about to touch him to find out either.

So I wait. When I sleep, I dream.

The first is me at wedding, cutting a cake with a man. That I know of, I've never seen him before.

Next, I am on a beautiful beach. But nothing happens. I just stand there, unable to move.

Lastly, I am standing on the edge of a field. Looking into a forest. I think something is moving amongst the trees, but I cannot be sure. When I take a step forward, I wake up.

Always cold, drenched in sweat, and alone. Unless you count Ferdinand.

So I stare at the door. Waiting. Trying to recreate memories, But nothing,

The door clicks...

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