Five Card Story: My Unavailable Bro 4 ( make sure to feed the chickens! Jesus...)

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I woke up back in Felix's Oyster Restaurant where I had fainted from the world becoming unavailable once again. people were still there, but it was 8 00pm in the evening and i had to get home. But the shop had just closed and i was locked inside. The owner shot me a look of pure venom as he passed the window, and i realized it was harry. He probably was still cross with me for knocking him out after i had said he had got the job i wanted. but i had to wait until shop opened next morning for me to go home and feed my pet oogerbooger, so i lay down and fell asleep.

next morning i woke up all wet. someone was leaning over me, shaking his fist as he yelled, 'you'd better scram before i call the police!!!!. So i ran for my life. jumped into my car and sped off. but then i heard sirens behind me. Oh ****! i yelled as i sped faster and faster, soon i lost them, but when i got to my door, the police were there, holding machine guns. So i ran into a graveyard and hid, while they spread around, searching for me. i kept silent until they had gone. then i gasped as i looked at the grave in front of me. it said riley rillstone. i fell to my knees and started screaming. what had happened to him? then i realized... HARRY! that murdering traitor! after he knocked me out at that graveyard he must have revealed himself to riley. then authorities found riley and buried him. oh no, i thought as i looked at his grave then walked away. then i saw harry with a girl i had never seen before. they were snogging. GROSS!!!! i thought before i knocked both of them out and buried them under my grass at home. it was the end of harry, and his treacherous servant of his. then i realised. it was full moon. i turned unavailable and FAAAAIIIINNNTEEED!!!!!!!!!

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