Five Card Story: In the Bottom

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a Five Card Flickr story by Sabrina created Mar 04 2016, 06:45:43 pm. Create a new one!

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"No Parking! Vehicle towed at the owners expense" John read the sign, but he ignored it. John knew that these places never really towed anyone, it was just a scheme to make people believe this lie. John parked his car strapped his pink backpack around his shoulders and started walking toward the stadium. He knew he was going to have an awesome time. As he approached the building the sign he encountered another sign. This sign read "No stadium in the bottom." This was the place John was supposed to be. John had paid 150 bucks to see Def Leopard and he was going no matter what. As he entered the establishment he noticed something was wrong. Quickly John looked around and saw a stage with an amplifier and instruments. This had to be the place, yet he was the only one there. John found his seat 10B. Again it was strange because his was the only one numbered. John took off his coat placed it on the back of the chair and sat down. This huge auditorium was empty except for the stage with instruments. Suddenly John heard a noise, it sounded like voices. When he heard the voices he felt a sense of relief, but that was short lived. On the stage was a beautiful woman whispering a chant, she said words that John could not comprehend. He slowly drifted off into a slumber. When John woke he was no longer in the concert hall, instead he was in a dark room without any doors or windows. Perplexed John began looking for a way out. Screaming "Let me out", John heard a familiar voice. "Are you ready?" John knew this voice and he knew this time there was no escaping, he was now her prey.

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