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flickr photo credits: (1) bionicteaching (2) Serenae (3) bionicteaching (4) Serenae (5) dwtno

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One day while at the laundromat, I met the most amazing person. She entered the laundromat covered in dirt and moss from head to toe. She explained when I looked up at her upon entering the room, that she had been hiking and it was her birthday. As she ran through the forest, she happened upon a small stream. In the the stream she found a beautiful stone that was gleaming and glistening in the sunlight. When she picked it up she felt a sense of power and peace. She pulled it out of her pocket to show me and right then and there, the fire hydrant burst open. It showered a magnificent spray of water and created a beautiful rainbow over the laundromat. When I looked back, she was gone.

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flickr photo credits: (1) bionicteaching (2) Serenae (3) bionicteaching (4) Serenae (5) dwtno

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