Five Card Story: Beside You

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I woke up again and it was ten a.m. on Saturday, and I had missed another book club meeting. I really needed to get back to the group and discuss the dramatic novel that was selected by my group, but my work has left me completely exhausted this last few weeks.Three open heart surgeries and one transplant. I really haven't stopped a minute since the day we do not speak of. Whatever I can do to stay busy is the best I can do for now.
Before everything went from perfect to completely dark,I used to be a young thriving surgeon who raced to the office and to the gym after just so I could be there when the children came home after school and from their activities to tell me all about their wonderful days and their dreams.Seems now we hardly speak not even think of our future.
Yes we were the jet set family, flying to Paris for the weekend, Tahiti in the summer, and Finland for the Holidays.
Trips just for the weekend were called holidays and we took them often. The time we spent together was the best time and never taken for granted.
Now that the adjustment has taken place we never go farther than the local stores in town. I guess you could say we are living an average life now. We only have one residence, the kids now attend public schools instead of private, and we do all the shopping and home services ourselves.
Jacob is my oldest son, who seems to be having a hard time adjusting to the new high school and fitting in with the kids at Anderson High here in San Francisco. Anna my youngest is coping well and has several new friends that she hangs out with during the evenings. I am working at the hospital still, but since my husbands income is no longer supporting us we are doing what we think is best.
After Lane passed, I really never had time to grieve the lose of my husband due to all the expenses and plans that needed to be made, and if I should secure my position as one of the hospitals heart surgeons, I had to rush back to work.
It seemed as if I never really made the plans all myself and they were all made by somebody in their right mind in order to get back to normal, but I feel anything but normal. I don't even know how I have coped with all of the responsibility of it all.
Well if I am going to get anything done, its time to get up now that it is ten and at least take the kids for a hike and enjoy this day and see what we can do to enjoy this weekend. The one half of me that is missing, and Lane was the biggest part of me. Our marriage was perfect like a flower, he brought the best colors out of me. Rebecca pushed herself out of bed and began another day for the sake of her children.

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