Five Card Story: It's Time

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It had been a long summer for the bus. As it sat in the summer heat it could feel its bearings locking up, tires losing air, and the slow drip of oil escaping to create a iridescent puddle on the pavement below the cold engine.

The bus knew that during the summer there had been meetings in boardrooms to decide its fate. Would its route change? Would it be transferred? Worst case scenario, would it be pulled from the system entirely?

The bus prayed that John would be back. In a fit of frustration over the end of year misbehavior last June John had declared that he was done. No more. This was it. He wasn't paid enough to put up with this. But the bus had heard John make such threats before and he always came back.

It was a tough route with some rough kids living in difficult conditions. But those kids needed the consistency that John provided. They needed the personal morning greeting that John always had for them. And it wasn't just the kids, it was the bus that needed John. They had been together for 15 years now, and John understood just how to coax the bus up Big Hill and how to pump the brakes perfectly when the distracted drivers cut them off.

Suddenly the bus heard a jingle of keys. It peered with nervous anticipation through its headlight eyes. Yes! It was John. Everything would be all right. Let the school year begin!

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