Five Card Story: the final walk

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I see the common sight of tall grasses and wide open fields going for miles on end, everyday the same place I awake to. The light of the sun shines down apon me as I make my daily journy to the water hole not far from my den. Every step I take makes a small rustling noise; the grass is wet from morning dew. The cold morning air seeped through my fur making me shiver; though the sun burns bright the earth around me starts to slowly freeze as summer becomes fall.
I look up realizing I took a wrong turn, looking before me I see the light broucing off a cold object. I slowly make my way towards it, looking for any signs of moment. I start to climb on it, the cold feeling making me feel uneasy. However my sense of wonder makes me follow the trail the odd rock makes.
After awhile of following the rock I find myself at a cross roads, another strange looking rock trail apears. Both trails seem to be simular in that they follow a trail in one way, however the new one is much flatter then the one of which I stand on. i climb down and feel the new trail on my feet, smooth yet rough and a warmer feeling then the trail i follow here. i start following it, taking myself farther away then i planned to this day.
another few miles and I see a small object making its way down the trail. It seems the size of a mouse from a far, but as the object gets closer its size increases. I ready myself for anything; the colours seem like mine. the objects draws closer and everything seems to blur, a loud sound echoes before i hit the ground hard. my eyes settle on a flower stuck between odd shaped branches of a tree ive never seen. my eyes closed for the last time, my hope of getting back will never be.

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flickr photo credits: (1) shareski (2) wonderbadger (3) bionicteaching (4) bionicteaching (5) Serenae

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