Five Card Story: LIFE

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Theme- The theme of these five pictures is simple and easy to get to know. How many times have you been out in public and stopped to think about how life is going so far? I know i don't stop and think, i just continue on with my everyday life. With all these pictures I say that the theme is life. Simple and easy just life these picture explain the basic rotation of life. We start out small and then move on in life to the hardest part of life. Being a teenager isn't a easy thing for everyone. With everyone trying to fit in and finding the balance of trying to be cool or just trying to be yourself. Then you're off to the adult stage. Where you have all the nice things in life that brand new car or that one beautiful lady. You know the usual, but then you go and find your true meaning in life. Whether its it serve a higher being in a religion or to simply just be there and help others. Then sadly, like everything, life comes to a end. Slowly but surely you move closer to death each second. Until finally you are left laying there motionless and that last breath slips from inside you. And then you're gone. No retakes your life is yours no one else's don't be dictated by the cool things. You only have one shot at it... don't miss

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flickr photo credits: (1) Serenae (2) bionicteaching (3) bionicteaching (4) Dr. Martinjj (5) bionicteaching

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