Five Card Story: Dear

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I walked on this nostalgic street in Canada, it was autumn. I raised my head to see the beautiful and peaceful sky, and the sky was accompanied by withered maple. Maple Leaves fell down with wind and it came to my hands. It let me recall the sweet but depressed memories with my old friend. My old friend, Mary, was a kind and outgoing girl. We always traveled abroad together and we talked about anything without embarrassing. We took a lot of pictures everywhere. In the pictures, we both laughed like forgetting all miserable memories. Once we went to a church in France and prayed that we would the best friends in the rest of life. We sincerely prayed and we thought that it would definitely come true but the destiny made a trick to us. After we came back to homes, Mary had a car accident in half way and my world had changed. When I heard the accident about Mary, I went to the garden and sit by a tree beside my house. The branches were hands grabbing towards the sky as stealing something significant from me. At that moment, my heart was dug a huge hole. In my view, though the sky was blue, it looked gray. I felt that the street lights toward the ground were broken-hearted and said sorry to me. Perhaps everything looked all right in others eyes, but actually, my world lost a dependence and a shelter to comfort me. In these days, once I walked on the streets on a rainy day, I hold an umbrella without emotion. Cars, road, tree, and lights were cold-blooded and separated from me. I cannot clearly see anything because my eyes filled with tears. What I only wanted to pursue was that I hoped she can live well in the other world. I would always miss her.

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