Five Card Story: Cruising For A Bruising

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a Five Card Flickr story by Landon created Oct 03 2017, 08:21:23 pm. Create a new one!

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On a cloudy day in London, England James was walking down the streets when he passed an orphanage. He had noticed that this little girl was very upset. So he decided to walk in and see what was wrong with her. "Why are you so upset he asked her" he asked her, she than said "my mom left me when i was five years old at this art museum". So then James adopted her. He then asked her "Do you want to go to the museum that your mom left you at" she said "sure". When James and the little girl arrived at the art museum the little girl said she wanted to go to this very colorful statue which is where the girl had sat for two days waiting for her mom to come back for her. So James took her there where she found her moms old necklace hanging on one of the colorful poles. The little girl then asked James if she could go to the bathroom. While the little girl was in the washroom James left the poor little there to repeat the past of being left in the art museum. Then James was walking down the street when he passed a construction site where he saw an old man working a crane. The old man had dropped his lunch from the top of the crane and yelled at James to see if James would bring it up to the crane worker but James ran off with it. upon passing an intersection James had reflected on what he had done today and how he wronged the child and the old man. But James felt like he did nothing so he j-walked an intersection and got creamed by a semi truck. There had been a cop sitting behind the semi truck when James j-walked and stopped his car to take up the intersection and closed off the road.

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