Five Card Story: Life Gone By

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Years ago, when families sat out on their front porches visiting with neighbors and passersby, life was simpler. As I walk through the old part of town I notice run down areas. Not so much neglected, but places that have been used over many years. The worn out bench where, I am sure, many conversations about life occurred. What stories could that bench tell? Did anyone famous once sit there pondering their next life step. Walking further, I notice a wooden fence with pieces missing. Most people put these up as a barrier to others. Why? When did we stop wanting to see our neighbors? Perhaps the boards were taken down as a way of bringing back closeness of neighbors. Down the road a bit I see a fence with barbed wire next to a brick wall. I wonder about this contradiction. Why is a fence next to a wall? Is it once again a boundary between people. Have we become so closed off that we need brick walls and a barbed wire fence? I wonder if the fence was there and THEN a building was put up, but why leave the fence? Further down the road, I see a former business long ago closed because of another QT coming in. I hate to see mom and pop businesses put out. They work so hard to provide something for their community and contribute to a family feeling. Wouldn't it be nice if both types of businesses could co-exist? As I round the corner, I notice a balcony and can't quite figure out what is on it. As I approach the red building, I realize I'm looking at a mop head. It really looked like a person sitting outside. I was hopeful for that. Thinking to myself, what a great view to sit and watch the day pass or to read a favorite book. My final thoughts as I head towards my own home are why does the past leave us? I'm all for working towards the future and embracing all it encompasses, but wouldn't it be nice to bring along the past like a long-time friend to keep us company when life gets to hectic. I guess that's wishful thinking. Maybe the next generation will realize the importance of slowing down and enjoying the simpler things in life. Hopefully I will be around to see that happen.

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