Five Card Story: A PD Presentation

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When I heard that we were going to make a PD for our school I knew that it was a long road ahead. It seemed very overwhelming. I wondered how I was going to do this and how to even start! Another teacher from my school and I decided to combine our PD and present it together. Choosing the topic for the PD was fairly easy. My partner and I had the same wonders about DBIs and wanted to see if we could make one for younger grade. Where we used the same reading curriculum, it was easy to choose a story that we both enjoyed. Everything just fell into place as we planned and organized. As it got closer to being our turn to present, I kept watching the clock. I was nervous and excited at the same time. The group that we presented to were excited to here our PD as they were wanting ideas for their own classroom. They were very willing to participate and discuss in their small groups. The presentation went smoothly and we were able to get through the entire presentation. We even had extra material that we didn't get to. At the end, I was floating on clouds as it was done and I felt that it went well. The comments that were given at the end were helpful in how to continue to make the PD better.

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