Five Card Story: I wanted to make a narrative so I merged the assignment with my imaginat

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I sat down and started to look over my notes for the book,Dracula by Bram Stoker. The amount of quotations from the novel had filled up to 5 pages inside the contents of the paper bundle. I started to zone out as Ms. Dadabhoy went on tangent over late essays and scorning us over inability to turn it in on time. As I zone out, I picture a dirt road that led to a broken home that has been run down by the elements. There was a large scar that slashed one side of the building and the atmosphere reminisced of those scary internet stories online. However, as I waltzed through the door, I was hit by an aroma of Italian food, particularity the linguine that was spread on top of a table. However, as I was about to enjoy a dish that contained a spicy meatball. I was awoken by my friend, and I realized that when I was analyzing the novel, I started to depict images that were described inside the story. The bell rings, I pick up my items, waited for my friend Deana, and we walked towards our next class together.

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