Five Card Story: A Series Of Unfortunate Bunnies

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Her hunger was rampant. It was a dark and stormy night. The bunnies had fled into the abandoned tunnel. Mindy was running late for her happy hour date and decided to take a short cut through the park.

Earlier, Mindy laughed to herself about how she had been forced to walk under a ladder on the street and had brought on bad luck. She reached in her bag and grabbed the rabbit foot key chain she carried, hoping it would offset the ladder and keep her from being woefully late for her date.

She heard a pitter patter as she cut through an underpass in the park. I was really more of a pit-pit-pit-thump pit-pit-pit-thump.

Suddenly, Mindy was confronted with the largest rabbit she had ever seen. This thing would dwarf a pit bull. Despite his sleek fur, he had a sinister look in his eye.

Mindy paused, unsure if she should hold on to her rabbit foot for luck any longer. The rabbit stared at Mindy, eyes darting between her throat and her hand bag.

Mindy decided to make a run for it, but the rabbit was quicker (as rabbits tend to be). The rabbit launched itself at her throat. She grabbed it by the ears, trying to keep ahold of him and save her delicate d├ęcolletage. Her face was mess of fur and lipstick.

In the tussle, Mindy realized that this rabbit was wounded, his rear foot badly mangled from an obvious rabbit trap gone wrong. Someone else's passion for luck had negatively impacted this poor rabbit's fortune.

Mindy's heart went out to the wounded soul, despite his obvious blood thirst. From that day forward, Mindy only used four leaf clovers from the local park for luck.

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