Five Card Story: Different Shades of Family

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Home, it is where a family belong. It is where you can feel safe and loved. In a house where you and your family can be in the same roof together . Your parents that is tired of all the work they need to accomplish for their children to give a bright future. However, due to their busy schedule they already forgotten the job of being parent to their child. Forgotten that they have a child that need their love and attention not the money they earn. A child that is growing up with parents but don't know how it feels. A child that is facing problems by himself without knowing by his/her parents. A child that wishes to have another parents. A child that is in the state of depression due to the lack of love that need to be given by his own family. In the same roof, in the same house but a heart of a child that's far from his parents. can you call a home a home if you can't feel the love you supposed to feel?

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