Five Card Story: Seeing myself in different things

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Truck- is something I can relate to myself. It is huge and intimidating and can shoulder lots of heavy things. I'm not huge but I want to be someone people will not take for granted, someone who is something in this world full of judgmental people. intimidating, in a sense where people will look at my efforts and appreciate them. Let them see the true me. And I am also someone who is able to shoulder the heavy stuff. I can have the heaviest problems and not break down. I see myself becoming an adult with that note.

Leopard- I can see myself as a leopard. As someone who is not afraid to show their true colors. I believe that if I show my true color to everyone, the people who will approach me are the ones who are not afraid to to know me. To show your true personality right from the start can be a good thing because with that, you don't have to pretend to be anyone and be just you.

Electrical posts- I can relate myself to an electrical post because it may not look like it but I am someone who likes to reach out to people that are important to me. I want to be connected to them in order to understand them better. To maybe help them in their time of need. I want to feel the connection in order to bond with them comfortably.

Cathedral- a cathedral is a place where their center is our God. I am someone who believes and is thankful for all the blessings that I'm receiving. I go to church every Sunday to worship and listen to the gospels. But I look at things in a different way when it comes to religion. I believe that God exists in any form and you don't have to sing and go to processions in order to be blessed. You just have to believe and be good to others and to yourself. I also believe that God does not require us to follow daily rituals and such.

Branches-this is something that represents influence. I want to be someone who is a strong and good influence to others. to be able to share my knowledge and skills to help other people. To extend a helping hand to those in need. I am always open to helping others, to give them the right amount of help they need. For example in school, if a classmate is asking me to help them in writing essays and grammars, I would try my best to translate their thoughts to grammatically correct phrases. But I also have a limit in helping others, if I think that they are abusing my willingness, I will just stop and let them be.

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flickr photo credits: (1) katerha (2) Danny Nicholson (3) bionicteaching (4) bionicteaching (5) bionicteaching

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