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The sky is pretty wide, and we could say not everyone has ventured it. My mind is like the heavens it is vast and open, for new ideas, changes, things like that. Though it may take for me to see what really is happening I would not judge the situation that quick.

My personality may seem blurry at first, it is because I do not open open that easily as I find it difficult. Though despite that we must know that behind that shroud lies beauty.

Firefighters helps those in need, just like them I may be helpful in all types of stuff academic, personal, anything. However unlike those heroes I will only help if I can, and if I know that I can not do anything or if lack the confidence to do so, I will not do anything.

Damaged, in this world who would not be. Though it is never a bad thing, just like everyone, I too have scars from past events, however those scars are part of me and my experience. I would not be who I am today without those mistakes and flaws, and they are living proof that we are strong and was able to survive those hard times.

Just like a pedestrian who is walking on his own. I am still exploring me. My personality, skills, and so on. I think doing that is actually good for myself, for I am not only seeing a different me, as it also widens my mind.

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