Five Card Story: Her

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The day was long, too long and yet it was going to get longer. I sat exhausted on my luxurious coach. Ding! Why does she never stop sending me messages? Of course she wants to meet up... she always does.

I lay my head back, banging it onto the brick wall. God that hurt. I continue to stand and look out onto the city, seeing across the branches of a tree reflecting on the apartment's window opposite me. It always has a creepy feeling looking across there, you can never see in there which makes me feel uneasy.

I head out town much later, enjoying the night city with it being empty and quiet. Silence is great, it's honestly brilliant. It's much better than being at work, or worrying about another's messages. Well that was what I thought.

I hear scuffing, its loud and annoying and extremely frustrating. Like what animal would be around here at this time of night? But it wasn't an animal, I turned around looking down at the road, with it only being lite by a warm light coming from the street lamps. Then I see it, I see her. I couldn't believe it why is she here? How? It doesn't make sense.

And that was the last thought I had, before I woke up on the side of the street in the middle of the day. Waking up looking directly at a tangled wire fence. Confused and lost, my face was in extreme pain. I couldn't move and all I wanted to do was to go home. Enter through that grand wooden door with the giant doorknock in the middle. Now that's what I truly want.

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