Five Card Story: My Lady

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The wind bustled the talk stalks of grain as I strode through them, their fingers of seeds tickling against my legs as small crickets hopped out from under my feet.

I see ahead of me an expanse of a field, golden with wheat but some spots still ravaged by hungry deer preparing themselves for another winter before busy farmers came and took away their feed as the rain turned cold, and before the leaves could mold a blanket over them.

Across the way I could just barely make out a fence in the dimming light, perhaps only spotting it because I came here whenever time permitted it. The fence was rusty and bent from Iowa's hot summers and angry freezes, and the sharp coils of barbs were sometimes a brier along the ground.

As I near the fence I trace my fingers against it, and then keep traces of orange dust lingering on my fingers after I scale the wall and drop quietly beyond it.

I don't need to walk far from here, I know,so I crest the hill in no hurry. I keep my eyes closed for a moment as I come to a stop on the hill's top, preparing myself.

Slowly, I open my eyes and gaze upwards to the sky. There, blocking out the sun and leaving a shadow towering longer than it has ever before- a starship.

She was grand, always so beautiful even as she was only a skeleton. She had taken my breath away then, and she took it from me unmercifully now. From beyond her I see the first star wink at me, I know who it is. They've been watching me each night- each night as I snuck out alone to be with my lady.

It had been their idea at first- they had loved her as much as I did, had wanted to board her and join her in the stars- but they had certainly been more brave. The first time I had met them they had dragged by my wrist to her, and left a bruise to be seen the next morning.

They always talked about how the ship would one day be theirs- how they would be her captain.

I think even when they told me that, they had known. They had known they wouldn't be her captain. Had known that they wouldn't even see her go.

I would though. I would see our lady go- see her fly. I would be here when her engines roared, and when she left to live in the sky, but I would stay here. I would stay down here on earth- and wait. Wait for time, and then, when it was right, I would join her.

I would join them in the sky.

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flickr photo credits: (1) Serenae (2) bionicteaching (3) bionicteaching (4) Intrepid Flame (5) bionicteaching

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