Five Card Story: The Trip of our Dreams

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Anna, a woman who has dreams of travelling the world, meets a man of the same interest but has a rather different personality, Lucas, in a coffee shop. Anna would always be shy to anyone she meets but she has some other feeling about Lucas. He approaches her and introduces himself. From then on, they have become good friends.

After almost a year of being friends, they both discovered each others personality. Lucas is a much bolder person than Anna, he would always be the one to suggest stuff, while Anna is a more timid person. But together, they would do things most couples do, which Lucas soon realises. He would ask Anna a very important question about their relationship, and she would agree to take it to the next level.

They loved going to trips around the city and in the woods. They would go hiking on the mountains and they would set up a camp fire and just talk for hours about how they would love to travel the whole world someday. That is how they've spent their time together.

On a chilly night, while setting up the fire for their camp, Lucas had something special prepared for Anna. She would cozy up to him near the fireplace with a blanket and drinking a glass of wine. While reminiscing their years of being together, Lucas asks her a very important question. She was very surprised and was speechless for she was not expecting it but she uttered the word "Yes". Her eyes overflowed with tears as he puts the ring on her finger. They celebrated with an emotional hug and he whispered to her ears, "I want to travel the world with you, it will be the trip of our dreams".

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