Five Card Story: The Minds Of Clarity

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Image #1: "I think therefore I am" What and who I am will be who I am. Whatever I think, whatever my mindset is, that is the path I will go. I must fix myself and manage my time well. To be successful is to have a mindset towards that path, no excuses. The word "Action speaks louder than words" is a must. When I was young, I thought there was no god, Of course as a child my parents told me that there is one and also as a child I believed them. But eventually in my teenage years, I've starting to think that "is there really a god? and why my life is so chaotic, messy and confusing. My spiritual self weakened, but I believe that god is responsible for keeping my spirits up, Because of that I keep telling to myself "there is a god" again and again and again to the point that god felt real - By Paulo

Image #2: I can relate to dualism because I have experienced a lot of broken hearts to a broken cart. I wanted to cry, to shout but I can't for some reason, I was broken, lonely and sad but despite all that I kept smiling, just to mask my pain. I think I have to be mentally strong, to divide the pain from the physical and thus here I am, Still smiling :) - By Edren

Image #3: I like Rene Descartes Dualism because I can relate to it, reason why I relate because in my life there is a part where I got a stomach ache because of a food I ate or just suddenly pops up hurting me. So I just
need to think that the stomach ache I felt will go away and eventually It goes away. I think this is how I understand "I think therefore I am" - Rolan

Image #4 "I think therefore I am" In my life the only experience I can tell you this is: I let my mind think the the things that are different than us, beyond us and outside of what we think that we think we know more. I soon realize that whatever I think today, who I will become and whatever choice I make, better damn sure that I will not regret it to the end. Beyond me is so much more, I will be more, the habits, the resolve, and choice. I am me - By Gary Gabriel

Image #5 The path and choice that we conclude is whoever we become, the path is set, its one road forward, turning back is a choice we will regret, the chronology of our lives only sets forward. Whatever we think, the mindset, The choice is ours.

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