Five Card Story: sarah's cafe

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the cafe was Sarah's favorite place in the world. it was her escape from everything. no matter whats going on, she always has the cafe to go to. Sarah is a photography student and her dream job is to travel and take pictures. her favorite place to take pictures is in the country because of all the stillness and the quiet. much like her favorite cafe. she didn't like taking pictures in the city because of all the things that are moving around her. she eventually graduated and decided to go on a trip around Europe for photography. she had the best time of her life. she met new friends, learned so much about other cultures and even met her boyfriend. he lived only a half hour away and was in the same photography program. about a week after she got home she decided to go see her favorite cafe. she rode her bike down the familiar streets and saw the familiar houses but she was not expecting what she saw. her favorite place in the world was gone. closed down and turned into a convenience she walked in and asked what happened. the worker said that all he knew was that the old owner passed away. a single tear slipped down Sarah's face.

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