Five Card Story: lost phone

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One day a man woke up and he decided he was in a good mood that day and wanted to go for a bike ride. So he got ready that day and decided to go get ice cream. But he did know that it was 9 AM when he left his house and he decided that it was to early for ice cream, so he needed something to kill time. There were a couple ice cream shops just outside of town there was one that would take him 15 minutes to get to and there was one that would take him 45 minutes to get to. So he was off he grabbed his wallet and phone and put them in his pockets. He had decided to go for the 45 minute bike ride. He was on his way there and then he realized the bike ride there had nothing it was all back roads to get there the fastest way. He had decided what he wanted before he got there because he had nothing else to do. He enjoyed his ice cream while it lasted. Now while he was on his way back there was a half way point, it was a gas station, he had been about 5 miles away from that when he had realized his phone WAS GONE. He knew when his mom found out he would be dead because it was a new phone. He didn't wanna go look back through 6 miles of gravel roads he was already tired. So he biked to the gas station at the halfway point where he had seen a payphone on his was out there. Luckily he still had his wallet, he called his mom and she was on her way to pick him up, but was not happy because she was doing laundry. THE END

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