Five Card Story: The man and the building

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our story today starts with a man named Paul. Paul would go on daily strolls throughout the city and one day he went a different route from normal. he saw a building in the distance with a ladder on the side. now, paul was a very curious man, and he decided to go check it he was walking towards the building, he got stuck by a 7 foot tall fence. Paul was wearing slides, so he couldnt really climb the fence, so he decided to come back the next day.

Paul woke up extra early the next day so that he would have lots of time to check out the building. he got to the fence, and unlike yesterday he decided to climb it. it took him a while to climb it, as Paul was not in the best shape, but he managed to do it successfully. he walked about half a mile to get to the building, and then climbed up the ladder very slowly and cautiously. when he finally made it up, he was glad he made the choice to come here as he now had a view of the whole city. he was smart to bring a backpack with him with some food and water.when he was looking for his water in the backpack, paul found his old binoculars. he was a collector of many things, and decided to look down at the city with his binoculars. he saw an old collector bike, that really excited him because that bike was a dream of his to own and now he knew there was one int the city and that he could probaly track down the owner and buy it off him. he also was a fan of cars and saw an old ar that twas really nice and kept in great condition, and was just like the one his grandpa had had when he was a kid. that made him pretty emotional, and Paul went up to that building at least once a week for the rest of his life, along with his wife, Joanna.

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flickr photo credits: (1) bionicteaching (2) bionicteaching (3) Intrepidteacher (4) bionicteaching (5) bionicteaching

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