Five Card Story: Billboard Advertisements: Effective or Not?

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While we are driving, usually on highways, we always see billboards, but many feel as though the advertisements are not effective enough to stick into the drivers' minds. Because drivers are so busy looking at street signs and when their next turn will be, drivers do not care enough about what the billboards are advertising. In addition, we do not usually remember what we saw during the drive after reaching our destination because drivers cannot take a picture while driving and passengers do not usually care enough. Although advertisements do sometimes have an impact while we are doing menial tasks, we usually remember it because it was from something we were directly looking at, such as the back of a truck while driving. For example, have you ever looked at the back of a truck and saw a cruise ad to go to NYC and thought: I would like to go to NYC? In conclusion, if you want to make an advertisement more effective, you have to make it stick out in a boring setting like this bike sticking out from the side of the building, which billboards unfortunately do not accomplish.

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