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a Five Card Flickr story by Ryleigh created Feb 13 2020, 09:20:48 pm. Create a new one!

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Today, alike most days lately, is a cold and depressing one. The sun hasn't chosen to shine through the gloom of the clods since before i can remember. that is a lie, but that sure is how it feels. Well, to me at least. I walk along this road, of which i forget its name. it doesn't really matter. As long as I make it somewhere, that would be a win for me. it has been three weeks since Levi has been gone. people keep telling me that it is okay, and that i am strong. they say they want me to be okay, but i do not believe them. not one person has gone out of their way to help me. i am alone now, with no parents left to care and no little brother to care for. as i walk along the streets through the damp weather, i look up to see the building from the photographs my mom used to show me when i was younger. the university where my last living relative stays, working as a professor. my uncle Jake. i remember him from my childhood, and we used to be super close,he would take me fishing almost every time he came to visit. we would stay until dark, which waas always the best time to catch a smallmouth. we would wait intil the dawn, where the fog would swoop in, much like it was doing today. so i hold onto those memories, in hope that he will be my savior to my troubles. i walk up to the gates of this cobbled building of opportunity, terrified to find whether or not he lies within. by now the sun has begun to set, casting the sky a cool blue colour. the wire at the top of this wall reminds me of a prision gate, which seems ironic, given the fact that knowledge is supposed to give opportunities.

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