Five Card Story: Melancholy

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The view was outstanding. I hadn't come back here since I got my dream job in the city. Eventhough I don't remember much, I feel that nothing has changed. The scenery is as gorgeous as I can recall. The only thing that has changed are the trees. I used to visit this place in summer so seeing it in winter is a great change. The way the snow covers every nook is breathtaking.

Walking through the snow I catch sight of an old oak. I take a sit under that tree and that brings me back memories.
Surprisingly, there were some yellow flowers growing from the trunk. Those same flowers that I used to pick up with the kids from the town and make flower crowns. I long playing and being careless of the problems that surrounded me. Now I have a family to maintain and two beautiful daughters. Still, I wonder if I woulb be able to go back and enjoy the freedom that being a child gave me.

I begin to nod off. A light breeze caresses my skin as the sun is starts to set. Soon I'll have to return to my routine. I never dreamt of seeing the place where I grew up again. Despite the lack of warmth, I fall asleep with my heart full of melancholy.

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